Transitowne of Depew - Defective Car Review


I bought a car from there and I ended up taking it to another shop to look at it. Now I'd not know how a car can possibly pass inspection with blown struts and bad rotors.

So I took the car for a test drive when I seen it and it drove beautifully. So I decided to jump through the hoops to get it. I have had it for 2 months and it shakes terribly. The front struts arebblown, they put New brake pads on and left old rotors on the car in which the mechanic where I took it showed me when it was on the lift.

I seen all the oil from the struts all over the place and also ran my fingers on the back of the rotors and I have never seen rotors so bad and the bushings in The back are all dried out. How can you sell something like this to someone. This all doesn't happen over 2 months. So they tack on a 2 year warranty for 2,000 dollars with a $100 deductible.

Well I'm going to show someone these rotors on the car and possibly contact the state about this and see how a car with bad struts and bad brakes can pass a nys inspection and I'll go from there. I'm half tempted to file a complaint with the attorney General and the BBB.

I'm paying on this car. I shouldn't have all these things go wrong 2 months into the sale .

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Transitowne of Depew - VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Depew, New York
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Recently got a 2010 ford fusion from. TRANSITOWNE IN DEPEW..It had a Big scratchover the rear drivers tire going into the plastic bumper...Took the car for a ride, liked it...So I then went to the red tape of getting the car...JAY , the salesman asured me that it would on delivery...picked up the car, and it was still there..He then said his Buffer Guy comes in on thursdays...*** call me...2 weeks went by..Finally got it in...I get it back...And there are a bunch of swirl Marks all over the paint...He then says ,"its cause its black"..Now it looks worse..And to Top the whole thing off..When I did bring it back after the 2 weeks...Jay And his service manager Steve said the marks on the car wasn't there..porposing that I did it to the car...They were very rude and I would never recommend any body to do business with them..I sure won't again..After all ..I did spend 15, 000 dollors with em...A lot of money..

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Depew, New York, United States #688979

Don't care for them either!!!

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